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The "lowest price" might not be the best price...

- Français -


Specialized Allez $900 / RBX Sport Bib Shorts $100 / Sport Road Shoes $140 / Mini-Wedgie Tool Bag $25 / Chill Bottle $20 / RBX Sport Jersey $80 / Sport Glove $35 / Spédometre Sans-Fil Speedzone $60 / Casque Echelon $85 / Lezyne lights $22/ch.

We understand that everyone wants the "lowest price".  Sadly, many of us frequently become obsessed with the concept of getting what we think is a "lowest price", and we end up losing sight of everything other than an actual ticket price, including the experience we were seeking to fulfill by buying the product in the first place.  The price becomes irrelevant if it does not satisfy the need of the consumer. 

Synergy Cycle is deeply invested in cycling knowledge that isn't easily found on the internet and - all due respect to your uncle - is outside of the knowledge-base that your uncle possesses.  When we opened our own bike shop, we did it to SHARE this knowledge with cyclists and help everyone save their money and their time by buying the right product the first time, so that thousands of Kms could be spent out riding bikes, rather than shopping in shops or on-line, endlessly spending money on products that never work right, or for long enough.

Before you buy your next "low price", we urge you to see us in-store and find out why we carry the leading cycling products that we do.   We believe that the "best price" is a price that you pay for a product that fits you right, feels great, is reliable, and does it's job really well for many years, or tens-of-thousands of Kms. 



Cervélo R2 105 $2500 / RBX Comp Bib Shorts $150 / Expert Road Shoes $260 / Lezyne Tool Bag $38 / Chill Bottle $20 / SL Pro Jersey $165 / Grail LF Glove $65 / Spédometre Sans-Fil Padrone $70 / KASK Mojito $250 / Lezyne lights $22/ch.