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Assos Campionissimo Bib Shorts

Assos T.campionissimo Bib Shorts


The concept of the Campionissimo bib-short started from the acknowledgement that the Cento bib-short was a bench-mark success in the rethinking of how great cycling shorts could be designed.   From there, Assos aimed specifically at a price-range target: "how good can we make these shorts if we spend 500 dollars?"  The result is a cycling bib-short that expands on the construction-concept of the Cento bib-shorts and uses materials that are out of this world with regards to the experience they propose.  The Campionissimo bib-short is extremely lightweight, yet durable, and it's fit is snug, yet undeniably comfortable.  With these shorts, all bike rides are memorable.  

More info about the Campinissimo bib-shorts at Assos.com