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Pneu Continental Ultra Gatorskin tire - pliable/foldable - noir

Pneu Continental Ultra Gatorskin tire - pliable/foldable - noir


LE PNEU de route pour le Québec.


The Gatorskin tire is THE TIRE for almost anyone who rides in Québec, or anywhere road "surfaces" might leave something to be desired.  With the appropriate tire pressure, the Gatorskin tire is much more likely to withstand a section of gravel or a road bike commute through the city than most of the best tires on the market.  And, this without much loss in performance compared to the best performing tires on the market. 

We've started to stock the 28mm and 32mm version of the Gatorskin tire as more cyclist are commuting - on road bikes or hybrids - on this best-all-round-road-tire. 


Full details and specifications at the Continental website.