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KASK Mojito - Fuchsia / Black

KASK Mojito - Black / Fuchsia


At Synergy Cycle, we've had the fortune of riding with most of the best cycling helmets on our heads and see them change and improve through the years.  During that time, we've always searched for new products that might challenge the exceptional ones we already offer our clients.  The KASK Mojito is one of the rare products that absolutely needed to be incorporated into our product offering.  It's build-quality (made in Italy) and comfort features - namely it's straps and retention system - put it in a place apart from other helmets.  If you're shopping for a top-quality helmet, we firmly recommend that you consider the Mojito!

Here are some specifications and WARNINGS from KASK:

M - 48-58 cm – 18-7/8 - 22-7/8 Inches
L - 59-62 cm – 23-3/8 - 24-1/2 Inches

220 gr. M Size (CE EN 1078)
250 gr. L  Size (CE EN 1078)

CE EN 1078  - CPSC 1203  - AS/NZS 2063


WARNING:This helmet is intended for use in athletic activities that are extremely dangerous. FAILURE TO HEED THESE WARNINGS OR FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.
WARNING: Please carefully read and understand the following Instructions. Use this helmet for the activities for which it is certified (see Labeling), and those activities only.
WARNING: Improper use of this helmet may cause serious or fatal injury. If the instructions are not followed correctly, the level of protection offered by the helmet can be significantly reduced. Before each use, please carefully inspect the helmet for any signs of visible damage. DO NOT USE THE HELMET IF THERE IS ANY SUSPICION OF ITS CONDITION, ESPECIALLY AFTER A MAJOR IMPACT.
WARNING: It is mandatory that the user is fully aware of all the features of the helmet, its capabilities and limitations, and receives specific instructions and/or training in the proper use of the helmet from a competent and responsible professional.
WARNING: USERS OF THE HELMET ARE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS AND ASSUME ALL RISKS FOR THEIR DECISIONS. KASK, its affiliates, subsidiaries, importers, distributors and dealers will accept no responsibility in the event of any accident leading to injury or even death and will not be liable for any injury, death, loss, or damage resulting from improper use of this helmet.