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Santa Cruz 5010

Santa Cruz 5010


Tout vélos de marque Santa Cruz sont disponible pour achat en-boutique seulement. 

Prix de 3550$ pour 5010 aluminium avec groupe "D", avec roues de 27.5".  Prix de 4050$ pour 5010 aluminium avec groupe "R1x", et roues de 27.5".

Prix de 4850$ pour 5010 carbone avec groupe "R1x", et roues de 27.5".  Tout autres options sont aussi disponibles. 


From the Santa Cruz website:

5010 is built to serve the most technical backcountry missions.

130mm of VPP® (Virtual Pivot Point) travel produces a shorter chainstay length and lower BB height compared to the 5010’s bigger-travel brethren. This creates a uniquely playful character and an insatiable appetite for negotiating steep, rocky climbs.

And when it’s time to head home, playtime becomes a riot. The new 5010 has a 67-degree head tube angle, more aggressive than before, and the longer top tube welcomes the use of shorter stems for more precise handling and greater confidence on rapid descents. The 5010 also shares all the latest VPP® hardware with the new Bronson. The top-tube-mounted, box-section upper link is a leap forward in durability and stiffness, and the lower link rests cleanly out of the way, dramatically improving clearance and minimizing rock strikes.

Bike choice can be a numbers game, but if your game is conquering epic trails then 5010 is the only number you need know. 

This alloy version of the 5010 differs just slightly from its carbon brethren: we opted against including ISCG tabs, as one-by drivetrains have rendered them mostly unnecessary, and we've made the switch to an integrated headset like you'll find on the Hightower and Tallboy. These decisions shaved a bit of weight from the frame, which otherwise includes all the features you'll find on our C and CC-level carbon frames, but in an attractive, strong, aluminum package.