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Santropol Sumatra Coffee

Santropol Sumatra Coffee


We ride bikes and listen to music, but we can't do either until we've had a cup of Santropol coffee.  Now available in-store by the pound. 

Here's the full description for Sumatra coffee straight from the Santropol website:

Épicé, envahissant en bouche, arôme et saveur prononcés.

Provenance : Île de Sumatra, Indonésie.
Corsitude : Torréfaction noire.
On le savoure avec : Espresso, Stove-top, filtre, bodum.

Exceptional character, a celebration of pepper and spice.

Origin: Island of Sumatra, Indonesia.
Intensity: Dark roast.
Enjoy with: Espresso, Stove-top, filtre, bodum.

Santropol coffees are organic, fair-trade and certified gourmet.  Their beans are also roasted here in Montreal.  If you don't know about the Santropol story, check out their website: http://www.bruleriesantropol.com