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THULE Chariot, Cheetah XT2

THULE Chariot, Cheetah XT2


Quand vous achetez ce produit en-ligne ou en-magasin, un de nos experts de vélo vous aidera à confirmer ses spécifications, pour que vous puissiez l'utiliser avec le succès dont vous vous attendez. 

When you purchase this product on-line or in-store, one of our bike experts will confirm its specifications with you before delivery, so that you can use it with the success that you expect to have with a great cycling product. 

Thule Chariot Cheetah XT2 is the best-value Chariot for ease of use and material durability.  It folds up or down quickly and is compatible with the variety of Chariot accessories to keep the family strolling through many sports and seasons. 


  • Fabulous mechanical foot-brake immobilizes the Chariot for safe stops
  • Lightweight carrier makes for easier use overall
  • HeightRight adjustable handlebar for parent's comfort
  • Made from reflective material for better visibility
  • Blue touchpoints added for intuitive operation
  • Includes bicycle trailer kit and strolling kit